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15 Fiercest Faces from the 2013 AMAs Red Carpet

On the red carpet, you have a choice: you can be fierce…or not. If you choose not to be fierce, that’s completely okay. But at last year’s AMAs, it seemed as if there was a group memo circulating beforehand opting for fierce. Check out the top 15 fiercest faces from last year’s AMAs red carpet.

15. Zendaya

Flirtatious, but still packing punch. The over-the-shoulder is always a win in the fierce department.


14. Jennifer Hudson

Orange is not to be messed with. It says, “Look at me!” And J-Hud is working it.


13. Ariana Grande

Oh, snap. The hand-on-hip. Even her on-point ponytail is giving me all kinds of fierce.


12. Katy Perry

It’s not all candy and whipped cream with this Cali girl. Here she is *snap**snap* laying down the law.


11. One Direction

Dark and mysterious suits these boys well. Fierce and color-coordinated outfits? What is life?!


10. Taylor Swift

This hand-on-hip, over-the-shoulder combo is lethal. In addition to the smokey eye, T-Swift is a coy tigress.


9. Christina Aguilera

Those eyes could cut glass. Xtina is commanding the red carpet like an ice queen.


8. Chris Daughtry

He means business.


7. Kelly Osbourne

This is more than just a fierce face. Kelly’s head is a fierce army equipped with metal studs, bold color and karate-chopping braids.


6. Calvin Harris

Hello, Mr. Suave. But I’m kind of intimidated. He has that dapperness on-lock.


5. 2 Chainz

When you show up in psychedelic-cross print, you have no choice but to own it. Bravo.


4. Kesha

Kesha’s not playing around. All leg, all business.


3. Ciara

Ciara might be daring you to come steal her goodies but I wouldn’t if I were you.


2. Zoe Saldana

I can’t even look her in the eyes. Fierce with a capital “F”.


1. Naya Rivera



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