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Take a Look Back At These Stars’ First AMAs

You know those Facebook memories that show you an unbelievable picture of what you looked like five or 10 years ago? That’s what it will feel like when you look at these stars at their first AMAs and most recent AMAs.

Fashion trends changed, technological advancements in music were made, but these awesome artists remained stunning, musical forces of nature. Regardless of year or even decade, these artists were always in style, sparkling with personality and pizazz on the red carpet.


Christina Aguilera: 2000 and 2013

If one of her three wishes in 2000 was to stay dazzling on the red carpet over the years, Christina Aguilera definitely had that wish granted. The singer was coming into her own in the late 1990s/early 21st century with hits like “Genie in a Bottle” and “What a Girl Wants.” At her most recent AMAs appearance, Aguilera looked stunning in a white dress.


Demi Lovato: 2008 and 2015

A lot can happen in eight years. One can complete high school and college. If you have a reliable, speedy spaceship, you can make most of the lengthy journey to Pluto. Or, if you’re Demi Lovato, you can turn heads at your first AMAs in 2008, and again at her most recent AMAs in 2015. Her music stylings have evolved, but her incredible ability to inspire on the AMAs red carpet has never changed.


Diana Ross: 1974 and 2014

The legendary singer is being honored this year with the “American Music Award for Lifetime Achievement,” and it’s easy to see why. Since her first AMAs in 1974, Ross has been a force of fashion and harmony. Even as she inspired new artists and performers, Ross always stayed in AMA fashion, illustrated by her most recent appearance in 2014.


Florida Georgia Line: 2012 and 2016

Just how a lot can stay the same for these artists, a lot can change as well, evidenced by Florida Georgia Line’s first appearance at the 2012 AMAs. The duo was still a well-known country act back then, but not the tour-de-force of rollicking good times like they are today. Their most recent AMAs appearance in 2016 shows just how much Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley have evolved, both as artists and in fashion taste.


Hailee Steinfeld: 2015 and 2016

Steinfeld has been to two AMAs so far, her first in 2015 and her most recent in 2016. Judging just by her attire those two years, it’s clear that the actress and singer is making a habit of making a bold statement on the red carpet. And since Steinfeld is actually performing at this year’s AMAs, be prepared to be dazzled both with her outfit and her singing.


Imagine Dragons: 2013 and 2014

Imagine that, these rockers were just as bold and refreshing with their AMAs fashion at their first appearance in 2013 as they were at their most recent in 2014. The band is performing this year with Khalid, so expect that bold fashion and flair to continue.


Kelly Clarkson: 2004 and 2012

Meet Kelly Clarkson at her first AMAs in 2004, an artist just a few weeks away from the release her smash hit album Breakaway. Now meet Clarkson at her most recent AMAs in 2012, an established musician whose 2012 track “People Like Us” prove this paragon of pitch hasn’t faltered in the slightest.


Lady Gaga: 2009 and 2016

It really hasn’t been that long since Gaga’s first appearance at the AMAs in 2009. But the fact that the artist has reinvented her sound and image so much since then, it feels like it’s been a much longer period of time. Gaga’s most recent appearance at the 2016 AMAs showcased Gaga just after the release of her most heartfelt and emotional album yet, Joanne.


Pink: 2001 and 2012

The most notable difference between Pink’s first AMAs appearance in 2001 and her most recent in 2012 is that she no longer has pink hair. But looking at these images closely, it’s apparent that Pink has only been getting better at being completely and unabashedly herself.


Selena Gomez: 2009 and 2016

Just like Gaga, Gomez also made her first appearance at the AMAs in 2009 and has reinvented her sound and style since that time. At her most recent AMAs in 2016, Gomez gave one of the most touching speeches of the night. Fans are already gathering in hordes in anticipation of her performance at this year’s AMAs.


Shawn Mendes: 2015 and 2016

And just like Hailee Steinfeld, Mendes made his first appearance at the AMAs in 2015 and his most recent at last year’s show. Mendes is a nominee for Favorite Artist – Adult Contemporary at this years AMAs, and fans can’t wait to see what the star will look like this year.

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