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Which Lady Gaga Song Is Your Zodiac Sign?

Put your paws up, monsters! Lady Gaga is performing at the 2017 AMAs!


We have a million reasons why we’re excited to see Gaga light up the AMAs stage. Her hits include some major bangers and also some deeply personal ballads. In the spectrum of Gaga’s work, there is a little something that relates to everyone. Let’s see which song matches your zodiac sign!

Aries: “Do What U Want”


“Do What You Want” is all about ignoring the haters and rising above. If there’s one thing an Aries knows how to do, it’s to be fiercely independent and determined. This fire sign doesn’t play nice.

Taurus: “The Edge of Glory”


This love song is perfect for the Venus-ruled Taurean. You are very sensual and loyal, so you would obviously go to the edge with the one you hold close.

Gemini: “Poker Face”


Geminis are infamous for being “two-faced,” but we like to think they just have a strong poker face. These socialites can handle any situation with ease and poise.

Leo: “Applause” 


Leos love the limelight like they love to roar. While noble and humble at their core, they work mighty hard to get the applause they deserve.

Cancer: “The Cure”      


The most defining characteristic of a Cancer is their caring nature. Just like “The Cure,” you have nurturing tendencies and like to make sure you and others are safe and secure at all times.

Virgo: “Paparazzi”


We’re not calling you a stalker, rather acknowledging that when you get fixated on something, you pursue it until you know everything there is to know about it; it’s that perfectionism trait that is very common amongst Virgos.

Libra: “Million Reasons”


Libras are always caught in a tug-of-war to make peace and harmony. In this song, Gaga struggles to leave this relationship, even though she knows she should. Indecisiveness always plagues the Libra.

Scorpio: “Bad Romance”


Not only are Scoripios intense, just like this major hit, they do not mind to get their hands dirty if necessary. They want the psycho, the drama, the leather-studded kiss in the sand.

Sagittarius: “Just Dance”


The Sagittarius is a bubbly and happy group. There’s just one thing: they are restless souls and always need to be on the go. Might as well dance.

Capricorn: “Telephone”


The Capricorn keeps their eye on the prize at all times. They know what’s worth the wait. You can keep trying to call them, but if you told them “No” earlier, they’re not going to change their mind. They’re too practical for the nonsense.

Aquarius: “Perfect Illusion”


“Perfect Illusion” is all about being real. Authenticity is hard to come by these days and if there’s one sign that is not into doing what everyone else is doing, it’s an Aquarius. They wear their heart on their sleeves, even if they have 5 long sleeves piled on top.

Pisces: “Born This Way”


Known to be very in-tune with their emotions, Pisces are some of the most open and understanding people. They will not judge you superficially because they themselves do not always handle criticism with ease. They let their humanity do the talking.


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