Dear ARMY, What’s the 411 on BTS’ AMAs Performance?

On Friday we announced that K-Pop group BTS will perform “DNA” on the 2017 American Music Awards. If you happened to be on Twitter at the time of the announcement, you may have experienced something that felt a little bit like a digital earthquake. That was the BTS ARMY celebrating for their boys, as they do.

Now, as the author writing this, I know there are two audiences reading this article:

  1. There are the fans of the AMAs who are thinking to yourselves “Hmmm, I’ve heard of BTS but I have no idea what they are all about.”
  2. And then there are those of you who are tried and true ARMY members who are thinking “Can we speed up time so we can watch their AMAs performance now?!” or “Why don’t you let them perform their entire discography?!” or, most likely, a combination of the two.

If I had to describe the ARMY in a single word (which is difficult because they are a diverse, multi-faceted group of people), it would be “passionate.” So when the AMAs digital team got together to plan how we would spread the news about the BTS performance, we knew right away we couldn’t do it without the ARMY. (In fact, it didn’t take long Friday morning for #ARMYxAMAs to start trending on Twitter. Good job, guys.)

So, AMAs fans and ARMY members, let me introduce you to each other, as you both will surely be one and the same come November 19th.

This will be BTS’ first TV performance in the United States, so it’s fair to assume that many people watching the AMAs will be seeing BTS perform for the first time. Any ARMY member will tell you that while BTS are an impressive group of performers, there is so much under the surface you need to know to truly appreciate them.

If you are one of the newbies, then good news: we enlisted the ARMY to catch everyone up on what to expect from BTS’ AMAs performance and boy did they weigh in.

Let the BTS education begin.

(Note to the ARMY members who responded and aren’t included below: I am truly sorry. At the time I’m writing this, there are already over 3,000 responses and every single one is SO GOOD.)

Here is what new fans can expect from BTS’ American Music Awards performance:

1 - The fans will be loud.

Does this surprise you? Nope, didn’t think so. ARMY member @aesthetaecally warns, “Prepare to go deaf from all the fans screaming.

Not only will they be screaming as most fans do, but the ARMY also have many “fanchants.” BTS fan @jiminsrightfoot is looking forward to the “family feeling of singing fanchants during their performance.” (Here’s the “DNA” fanchant.)


— Suman ||BTS MAMA|| (@SparkyK13) November 6, 2017

2 - The performance will be packed full of energy and on-point dancing.

BTS fan @Massy_14 expectsHype stage performance, on point CHOREO, energy.”

Their choreography is always on point. They’re a well oiled machine when performing together!promises @onepnchgirl91.


@EatingShyren says we can look forward to “Their charisma and how you can see they enjoy performing. Watching them show their passion is mesmerizing.”

BTS fan @TGold_Finn says, “Their energy is next level live.” Don’t say we didn’t warn ya.


If you’ve never seen these guys dance before, then I suggest you head over to their YouTube channel as soon as you’re done reading this blog post. It’s an addicting rabbit hole that you won’t be able to pull yourself away from.

3 - This will be a performance from the heart.

But it’s not just about the flashy production elements. It’s about all the hard work it has taken the band to reach this moment.

This will be their debut so we expect an all out performance by them,” predicts @kcirtapaledasor.

It already means so much to not only BTS, but their fans as well.

In fact, @BTS_ARMY_INT has an important message:

“Dear audience at AMAs that are not aware of BTS, you will see on that stage the accumulation of 7 men’s literal blood sweat and tears. You will see their frustrations, happiness, failures and success, all wrapped into a 4 minute performance…they’ll literally give their all.

And while you see them dancing and singing their beautiful hearts out, you will hear us…their ARMY, cheering them on, giving them energy. You won’t realize the amount of trials that went into the boys getting to where they are now, but on that night, you will be a part of it.

You will become a part of one BTS’ most memorable nights, it will be such a precious sight I promise…so please let go of any prejudice…just relax and enjoy the performance, cause I swear it will not be forgetful.”

5 - And new fans will be forever changed.

ARMY member @crazytruffle promises to the newcomers that “these 7 men will change their lives and like I mean, CHANGE. THEIR. LIVES.


— April 🌸 (@BTS_CaliBabe) November 6, 2017

As one wise fan (@demizerk) once said,

History will be made. Mark ARMY’s words.