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6 Demi Lovato Songs You Need To Hear Before The AMAs

Last week fans were delighted when Demi Lovato was announced as one of the performers at this year’s American Music Awards, and for good reason. The singer gave one of the most show-stopping performances at the 2015 AMAs, where she commanded viewers attention with her bold, seductive rendition of “Confident.”

Lovato’s artistic confidence and keen, musical versatility makes her performance a must-watch during the 2017 AMAs. It’s uncertain what songs Lovato might perform during her time on the AMAs stage, but here are some of her iconic tracks to prepare you for the tour-de-force of music coming your way.

“Sorry Not Sorry”

Just as Demi Lovato wasn’t afraid to show off her confidence at the 2015 AMAs, she wasn’t sorry to say that, well, she isn’t sorry in this recent hit track. The pop melodies and rhythms hold the same high quality, music Demi-d.n.a., but the lyrics showcase a more mature, more assertive pop star. Lovato is clearly telling her critics that she doesn’t care if they don’t like or approve of this bold version of her. But with the song having over 208 million views on YouTube, fans aren’t sorry at all they got to listen to this .


We got an early glimpse of the bold, dominant Demi Lovato we saw in “Sorry Not Sorry” in this 2015 track. The lyrics share the assertiveness of “Sorry Not Sorry,” but “Confident” showcases Lovato’s impeccable vocal range, hitting difficult notes with what looks like relative ease. The song was even used in the 2017 mystery/thriller film “Happy Death Day,” proving that Lovato’s confidence and musicianship can be enjoyed across all media platforms.

“Cool for the Summer”

As the cold dread of fall reveals its unsunny face, people across the country are sad they can’t turn back time to summer a couple of months ago. If you’re one of those individuals with a bad case of achy fall dread, listen to this rollicking, beach fun vibrant track from Demi Lovato. The singer magnificently captures the sultry allure of summer parties , and conveys the magic of meeting that special someone at this special time of year.

“Stone Cold”

Perhaps you and summer just don’t jive, and you’re the type of person who enjoys nestling under the blankets during the cold months of winter. If so, take a listen to “Stone Cold,” an emotionally powerful track from Demi Lovato with an equally powerful music video to match. “Cool for the Summer” shows Lovato’s keen ability to be a masterful pop star, but “Stone Cold” emphasizes she is anything but skin deep, an artist ready to wear their emotions on their sleeve, any time of year.

“Heart Attack”

Released in 2013, “Heart Attack” signaled Demi Lovato’s willingness to grow and experiment as an artist but still maintain solid pop fundamentals. The song crosses genres, incorporating new sounds and styles. But the thing that rises above all else is Lovato’s voice. Energetic and lively enough to breathe life into her pop hits, but expansive and lively to lift more hefty, emotional ballads. “Heart Attack” was an early example of the vocal mastery of Lovato we’d get in the year’s to come.

“Give Your Heart A Break”

Definitely much less intense than “Heart Attack,” it’s interesting  to hear how much Demi Lovato has grown as an artist in “Give Your Heart A break”. That isn’t to say that “Give Your Heart A Break” is a bad track, far from it. But in this catchy, hum-worthy pop song, contains early signs that Lovato was destined for greatness. It showcases Lovato’s singing skills, her ability to harmonize with musical peers, and emotional complexity. Through this song, we see all the musical seeds that would sprout into the mature performer we know today.

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