Twenty One Pilots Rock AMAs Stage With Amazing Medley | American Music Awards
NOV 19
SUN - NOV 19

Twenty One Pilots Rock AMAs Stage With Amazing Medley

Please don’t make any sudden moves… because I am frankly FRAGILE from Twenty One Pilots’ amazingly artistic mash-up of “Stressed Out” and “Heathens” on the AMAs stage!

Twenty One Pilots giphy-4

The jaw-dropping vocals and harmonic twists of this performance brought a whole new energy to two of 2016’s most popular songs. While their pitch perfect rendition was amazing, the incredible visuals are what made this one of Twenty One Pilots’ most memorable performances ever. Ski masks, grunge art and bursts of flashing light came together to bring an edgy vibe to this set.

Honestly the only reason I’m “Stressed Out” right now is because they left us wanting so much MORE! Good thing so many incredible acts followed them on the AMAs stage to get us through this tough time.

Twenty One Pilots

And from the looks of the Twitter-verse, their fans are just as excited as we are and have created some cool fan art to boot!

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