Niall Horan Proves He’s Actually Perfect at AMAs Rehearsal | American Music Awards

Niall Horan Proves He’s Actually Perfect at AMAs Rehearsal

We are writing this post from the grave. Niall Horan rehearsed today for his upcoming American Music Awards performance of “This Town” and it was so perfect, it actually slayed us. #RIPMe

As we waited for Niall to take the stage for his AMAs rehearsal, we were anxious beyond belief tbh. The Irish singer has been teasing how excited he is for his performance on Twitter, making us actually ecstatic.

So, it’s no surprise our hearts raced as we got closer and closer to the moment Niall would step out and bless us his presence. Then, it happened. Niall sauntered on stage wearing a white long sleeve shirt and jeans, looking as adorable as ever.

Niall sounded like a sweet, sweet angel as he serenaded the audience at AMAs rehearsals with his debut single “This Town,” slowing killing us with each flawless note.

In between run throughs of Niall’s performance, the “This Town” singer kept messing around on his guitar, gradually ending our lives with each strum. We’re honestly not sure how we survived!

The rehearsal can pretty much be summed by the deep sigh a random girl sitting next to us inside the theater let out after Niall sang the last lyric of “This Town.” Same, random girl, SAME.

In conclusion: We are dead. We have died. WE DO NOT KNOW WHERE OUR LIVES GOES FROM HERE.

So, we’ve already told you a lot, but we still want to give you three more hints as to what you can expect from Niall’s performance on Sunday. Are you ready?


Chill acoustic vibes. 🎸


Feeling like you’re just hanging out with Niall in his living room aka basically living your ultimate dream. 💛



Watch him perform “This Town” live on the AMAs this Sunday, Nov. 20 on ABC!

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