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Which Lady Gaga Hit Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Get ready to dance in circles, Little Monsters. Lady Gaga is performing at the 2016 American Music Awards on Sunday, Nov. 20!

Gaga lit up the AMAs stage in 2009 with an electric performance of “Bad Romance.” She even gave the AMAs a presidential makeover in 2013 when she sang “Do What U Want” with R. Kelly. Now, she’s returning to the 2016 AMAs to perform music from new album JOANNE.

Lady Gaga has blessed us with countless iconic hits over the years. In honor of her 2016 AMAs performance, we did some serious research, looked to the stars and answered one important question…

Which Lady Gaga Hit Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries – “Just Dance”

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You’re adventurous, energetic and confident. You’re always down for a party and love having a good time! You’re courage is contagious. You know there’s no problem you can’t dance away.

Taurus – “Alejandro”

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You’re persistent and determined, but you don’t like it when people play games with you. You’re independent, self-sufficient and don’t need anybody to call your name.

 Gemini – “Poker Face”

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You’re versatile and easily adapt to new situations. However, you have two sides to you, making it difficult for others to figure you out. They can’t read your poker face and you like it that way!

Cancer – “Million Reasons”

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You’re incredibly loving, but can also be emotional and have a hard time letting things go. Your kind, caring nature often makes you stay in tricky situations, even when you know you should walk away. Find a reason to put yourself first.

Leo – “Applause”

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You live for the applause and love being the center of attention, but that’s not a bad thing! You’re creative, warmhearted and generous. No wonder people love to watch you!

Virgo – “Paparazzi”

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You may be shy, but you’ll follow someone until they love you. You’re kind, but you can also be a perfectionist. You won’t stop until that boy is yours.

Libra – “LoveGame”

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You’re indecisive and always changing your mind. You come across very romantic and charming, but you’re also super flirtatious and always playing games. You’ve got to decide: What do you really want?

Scorpio – “Bad Romance”

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You’re powerful, passionate nature makes you a magnet for mystery and romance. You also tend to be very determined. If you want to write a bad romance with someone, it’s likely that you will.

Sagittarius – “Born This Way”

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You’re always the life of the party! You’re optimistic and light up the lives of those around you with your positivity. Baby, you were born this way and you don’t care who knows it!

Capricorn – “The Edge of Glory”

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You’re ambitious and a natural-born leader. You tend to be rather reserved, but you’re also incredibly witty. Your hard work and patience will pay off, placing you on the edge of glory.

Aquarius – “Telephone”

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You’re extremely loyal, but you’re also fiercely independent. You’re all about doing your own thing and enjoy spending time with your squad sans your significant other. You get along best with those who allow you to be your unique, unpredictable self.

Pisces – “Perfect Illusion”

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You’re incredibly imaginative and love to daydream. However, you sometimes get caught up in what you want things to be instead of recognizing them for what they actually are. Don’t let illusions fool you.

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