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Nov 24
Sun - Nov 24

“Focus” on Ariana Grande’s AMAs Performance

Ariana Grande debuted “Focus” on the AMAs, and I can’t even. The hair, the voice, the dancing. I need a second to breathe.

Ariana OMG


Let’s just break this down for a second. Before Ari’s performance, Jennifer Lopez came out and told us that Ariana’s the only singer in Billboard history to have the first single from her first 3 albums debut in the top 10. Yes, that means this has happened 3 times. What?

Okay, now on to her performance.

She started off “Focus” with a jazzy and stripped down intro that gave us serious Jessica Rabbit vibes.

2015 American Music Awards - Show

The sultry performance continued as she removed her jacket, dropped her glove, and then her back up dancer took off her other glove…with his mouth. What are you doing to me Ariana, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

2015 American Music Awards - Show

Then BAM, costume change.

2015 American Music Awards - Show

And it gets better, is that even possible?! The curtains opened and Ariana revealed an all white stage. She was wearing a sparkly white costume, with her dancers in all white and her band rocking black suits. And I’m just sitting here wishing I matched.

2015 American Music Awards - Show

Also, we need to talk about how Ariana used the whole stage for her performance because it was that big. She not only used the whole stage, she commanded it.

I’m a hard core Arianator, so I know she can slay anything, but I had no idea I could be slayed this much. SLAY OF ALL SLAYS. Am I saying slay too much? I’m sorry, I can’t help it.

Her voice sounded amazing, her dancing was on point, how is she ever going to top this?

In the words of her brother, Frankie Grande

And Arianators everywhere agreed.



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