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Why We Want to Sit Next to Taylor Swift at the AMAs

Taylor Swift is everywhere right now! She just released her new album 1989 and it received rave reviews, plus she’s performing at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rocking Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2015. Tay’s first single off her new record, “Shake It Off,” is all about dancing like no one is watching and living it up, just like she always does at award shows. Here are 10 reasons we want to sit next to Taylor at the American Music Awards and think she’d be the best seat buddy ever.

1. She’s got all the right moves.

taylor swift

2. She’s the life of the party!

taylor swift

3. But can keep it low key when appropriate.

4. She’ll act out the song lyrics with you.

5. She goes hard. And she knows it.

6. She’ll help your whole row start a dance party.

7. If you win, Taylor Swift will be super excited for you!

Taylor Swift

8. She’ll rap with you. T-Swizzle status.

9. She’s a really great hugger.

10. And she knows how to “shake it off.”

How much fun is she?! Check out this video of Taylor showing off her sweet moves On Air with Ryan Seacrest and dancing to AMAs nominee and performer Iggy Azalea’s “Black Widow.”

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