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Red Carpet Evolutions: A Tribute To The 80s

Oh, the 80s. A time when you would find a boom box (and not Starbucks) on every corner, when sleeves for ankles aka leg warmers was the cool thing, and when music artists set the fashion trends.

The 80s were also a major time for pop culture. We’re talking Madonna, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Bon Jovi, all whom have attended the AMAs in the 80s.

Now, imagine you were an 80s AMAs guest. Here’s a style guide on what you might wear on your big night!

First, what hairstyle would you choose?

1. Lionel Richie’s “Jerry Curl”? (which needed its own award)


The “Jerry Curl” was a popular 80s hairstyle and AMAs legend, Lionel Richie, made it known. The Jerry Curl could be a long lost cousin to the mullet — business in the front and party in the back but with a lot more funk!

2. Tina Turner’s long, spiked locks?

AMA's- Tina Turner

“Private Dancer” songstress, Tina Turner, turned heads at the AMAs when she sported her legendary hairdo in a cute floral dress.

Second, what suit or dress would you wear?

3. Prince’s half psychedelic and half Shakespearean suit?

AMA's- Prince copy

Prince broke all fashion trend barriers in the 80s and his groovy, victorian outfit is a prime example. Bonus 80s style: fingerless gloves and shoulder pads!

4. Madonna’s skin tight, shoulder baring dress?


AMA's- Madonna

You cannot talk about the 80s without mentioning Madonna. She is synonymous to 80s music as well as being the frontrunner of its fashion trends. At the 1987 AMAs, she donned a flattering, body conscious dress with shoulders exposed. Madonna portrayed a glamorous 80s rendition a la Marilyn Monroe.

5. Janet Jackson’s all black outfit?


Stunning Janet Jackson at the 1987 AMAs wore an all black ensemble; keeping her cozy and warm and looking chic at the same time. Black is an ultra flattering color on anyone and will be a trend for ages to come, so we’re not sorry, Ms. Jackson!

6. Any of Bon Jovi’s suits?


Bon Jovi, winner of Favorite Pop/Rock Group at the 1988 AMAs, wore some pretty loud outfits on the red carpet! If you’re into studs, snakeskin, or blue velvet, Bon Jovi has got you covered.

Lastly, who would be your date?

7. Whitney Houston?


Whitney Houston was in her prime in the 1980s and took home 11 AMAs in that decade alone. Not only that, she was a bombshell! Her classic black dress with a teal bow accent, red lips, and naturally curly hair would make her the perfect date! We will always love you, Whitney!

8. Michael Jackson?

michael jacksonamas

The king of Pop, himself, Michael Jackson, won 17 AMAs (but who’s counting) in the 80s, including Favorite Pop/Rock Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Album. During the 1984 AMAs, pictured above, Michael Jackson wore his legendary, unforgettable red and yellow ensemble complete with intricate beading and that infamous black sequin glove! This was a big year for him, winning 8 awards, and we absolutely agree that Michael Jackson would’ve been the red carpet date to rock your world!


So, what 80s AMAs styles did you end up with?! More importantly, do you think any of our nominees this year will pay homage to the 80s celebrities that came before them?

Here’s what I think: Rihanna will rock Tina Turner’s spunky hairdo, Bruno Mars will moonwalk his way onto the Red Carpet, and Justin Timberlake will ride in with a “Jerry Curl”! Agree? Disagree? Comment below, please!

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