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NOV 19
SUN - NOV 19

What Would Miley Do – Song Performace

What a merry #MileyMonday. Thousands of responses from you and a set of Miley songs we can’t stop listening to.  Now that we’ve had time to enjoy Bangerz in the car, on the treadmill and getting pumped for our daily routine, we have all chosen our Bangerz fav. Since Miley will be performing one of her banging songs at this year’s AMAs, we wanted to know which one you have on replay the most.

Top 5 #MileyMonday fan fav Bangerz songs: 

1. FU — I’ve got 2, ooh letters for you. 1 of them’s F and the other one’s U

Imagine Miley running on the stage telling all her haters these two magic letters.

2. Maybe You’re Right –You might think I’m crazy, that I’m lost and I’m foolish.

Or, you might think she’s brilliantly entertaining as a performer…

3. Drive — Drive my heart into the night. You could drop the keys off in the morning.

This would be the tear-jerker performance…

4. Adore You — And when you say you need me, know I need you more.

But, the 2013 world of entertainment needs Miley more.

5. Do My Thang — Only thing we think about is turning up, turning up

The only thing we predict is for Miley to tear the stage up, turning up, turning up.

If Miley were to perform one of these songs at the AMAs #WWMD? (What Would Miley Do?)

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