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NOV 19
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Best of Blurred Lines Parodies, I Know You Want It

Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video is sassy, sexy and silly, which is why it became one of the top re-made viral videos on the Internet!



Sure the original version is great, but the parodies serve as great comic relief. Here are five of our favorite parodies that are cleverly made!


1. Jimmy Kimmel & Guillermo crash the video shoot.

Too bad this version didn’t make the cut.


2. Comedians Mike Kelton and Doug Widick create a spin-off using puppets.

Puppets instead of models? Way more cost-efficient.


3. The Lonely Island and Robyn imitate the red font with hashtags.

They even give a shout out to #Thicke.


4. YouTube Comedian Garlic Jackson dubs the song over The Cosby Show intro.

The best part is how it fits swimmingly to their dance moves.


5. YouTubers Ventilosession made a reverse-gender version of the music video.

That’s a Good Boy.


Which was your favorite parody?

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