6 ways Lady Gaga makes us ga-ga for The Wizard of Oz

This morning on Good Morning America, Lady Gaga performed a gaga-fied version of “Applause”. In less than 5 minutes, Gaga retells the classic movie using her amazing dance moves and costume changes.

Here are 6 reasons Lady Gaga makes us ga-ga for The Wizard of Oz:

1. Toto is as a cute as ever


2. Dorothy has some killer new shoes


3. Glinda-Gaga is sugar, spice, and everything nice


4. Dancing down the yellow brick road > following the yellow brick road

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5. Gaga as the Wicked Witch makes us green with envy


6. Plaid bows have never looked cooler


Watch Lady Gaga dance down the yellow brick road on GMA below:

Which Gaga-fied character from Oz was your favorite?

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